Expanding Our Efforts to Create a Diverse, Inclusive and Healthy Workplace

The people who work for the Group are our greatest asset and a significant factor in our success. A diverse, inclusive, and healthy workforce is crucial to creating long-term, sustainable value for our stakeholders. Our colleagues’ happiness and growth are among our top priorities, so we work hard to foster an atmosphere where they can do their best work and feel appreciated. We care for our colleagues’ physical and mental wellness and have organised various activities for colleagues from different departments and workshops.

As of 30 June 2022, the Group hired approximately 2,982 full-time and part-time employees. Women comprise 45.0% of the Group’s workforce, and over 41% of management positions are held by women.


Creating a Supportive and Healthy Working Environment


We have thousands of colleagues within the Group. Building connectedness among them could not happen overnight, but it would take time and effort. The “Get to Know Your CCG Peers” and cross-departmental competitions were just two events we conducted over the Reporting Period to enable our colleagues to get to know one another.

We also transformed the headquarters office in Tsuen Wan into a more open and spacious one so that people of all ranks and responsibilities can sit together to facilitate a two-way conversation. By incorporating more collaboration spaces and social hubs, the new office design emphasises group work and social intercourse to foster a healthy work-life balance and stronger teamwork. The renovated headquarter office is designed to protect colleagues’ health by promoting good indoor air quality and water, natural light, and eco-friendly materials, which helps increase employees’ awareness of the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The Group has decided to pursue BEAM Plus and WELL certifications for this renovation project; this thoughtful design has also demonstrated how it cares about the well-being of its colleagues and the environment.

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Safeguarding Colleagues’ Mental and Physical wellbeing


To provide mental support for colleagues dealing with the COVID-19 outbreak, we set up hotlines and provided care packs to colleagues in quarantine and those working in the quarantine hotels. Furthermore, an exclusive quarantine accommodation package has been available for our colleagues and their family members. On top of the healthcare measure, comprehensive insurance was provided for all colleagues against losses and expenses caused by COVID-19.

We know the risk of disease correlates with the food people choose to eat. Nina Hospitality saw the importance of a balanced diet and thus employed a nutritionist to assist with developing new menus for employee canteens. Courses associated with mental and physical wellness, good posture, a healthy spine, and Osteoarthritis were conducted for our colleagues in the Reporting Period.


Occupational health and safety are always our top priority. In addition to obtaining occupational health and safety certification, we have established a Safety Committee consisting of department heads and section heads. Different activities are organised to reinforce colleagues’ safety mindset and knowledge. These activities include workplace safety briefings, departmental safety quiz competitions and safety week campaigns.

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Unleashing the Potential of Our Talents


To mobilise the Group to deliver transformation priorities and emerge from the pandemic stronger, we have focused on equipping our colleagues with the relevant skills and competencies that enable them to be adaptable and well-prepared for a changing environment, which allows our colleagues to remain relevant and competitive and support the achievement of the Group’s sustainability vision. Over the last year, we have provided training in different areas, including management, operation, environmental, occupational health and safety, cybersecurity, computer skills, languages, etc. Also, we encourage our colleagues to pursue and earn relevant qualifications, such as the qualifications related to BEAM Plus and the WELL Building Standard. We made the necessary arrangement and provided a full subsidy for the examination fees. During the Reporting Period, the total number of training hours is 31,439.

With the increased emphasis on sustainability, we are implementing upskilling programmes such as Places with Heart Academy to equip our employees with superior sustainability knowledge and skills for the future.


training hours per employee

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