Developing Technologies for the Evolving Communities' Needs


Fostering Innovation and Development


The Group is committed to supporting and enhancing Hong Kong’s developing shared economy through CCG COMMONS. As a new arm of the Group, CCG COMMONS seeks to develop cutting-edge business models that respond to the challenging economy and industry transformation. The first enterprise for CCG COMMONS is a partnership with the Hive, Asia Pacific’s leading co-working network. Hive Central x CCG Commons have collaboratively transformed 17,000 sq. ft. of Chinachem Tower in Hong Kong’s Central district into a vibrant and inspiring workplace that caters to businesses of all sizes and shapes. CCG COMMONS introduced cutting-edge co-working space, “QUBIC Smart Booths”, at two shopping malls – NINA MALL 1 and Papillons Square, allowing individuals to work or study at anytime.

We have been working on championing innovative technologies addressing different stakeholders’ and society’s needs and concerns. Considering the danger of getting COVID-19 through physical contact, many people take extra precautions to avoid touching surfaces like elevator buttons. In addition to adopting touchless elevator panels in our operations, in FY2021/22, we have supported the development of an anti-virus 3D printing material that can kill the COVID-19 virus and common viruses and bacteria on surfaces.

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Advancing Technology Development and Deployment through Partnership


We are partnering with Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (“HKSTP”) to launch a range of initiatives to attract international start-ups with technologies and foster the growth of cutting-edge innovation. The “CCG Accel – Powered by HKSTP” programme is one of the initiatives under this partnership; it is a pilot-first accelerator programme aimed at propelling high-potential start-ups through a pilot-to-mass adoption process.

Under the “CCG Accel – Powered by HKSTP” programme, there are three themed cohorts in two years. The first cohort for Central Market was completed in Q3 2021. Ten start-ups were selected in the first cohort to drive PropTech Innovations at Central Market. The second cohort for commercial buildings is under progress during the Reporting Period. We expect to begin the third cohort in the second half of 2023. With this pioneering “pilot-first” approach, start-ups of each cohort can install and test their solutions in specific properties of the Group, allowing them to collect valuable data and user feedback to strengthen the opportunities for widespread application.

In addition, the Group and an engineering company have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (“MoU”) to collaborate in providing comprehensive services to the healthcare industry and maintaining medical facilities in Hong Kong. The MoU will extend our collaboration opportunities in areas such as medical tourism, telemedicine and IoT solution for the healthcare industry to seize the opportunities to deliver healthcare services to satisfy community needs.

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